“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”  – Kathy Calvin

Halo of Hope is a US Cancer Charity Foundation that is committed to helping cancer patients survive the illness. It is a non-profit organization that is born of a passion to improve the survivorship of cancer victims through support programs and treatment funding to encourage them to stay strong and keep fighting.

The Founder, Angelica, who is a breast and lung cancer survivor herself, has witnessed firsthand, the ordeals faced by most people suffering from the cancer disease, especially those who do not have the financial buoyancy to withstand the financial stress that comes with the treatment therapy. Angelica established the Halo of Hope cancer foundation to help cancer patients who are newly diagnosed with the disease, those already struggling with the disease, as well as the family of the cancer victims. She decided to embark on this selfless cause as her way of encouraging cancer victims that there is always hope and a guardian angel watching over them.

During her cancer journey, while undergoing treatment, she befriended a fellow cancer patient that unfortunately was homeless and struggling to keeping up with the demands of the illness. She saw how her friend struggled to get help from any charity organization, even after several trials. Angelica continued to give her friend support and encouragement to continue her search for help. While attending her support group she was faced with the hardship of seeing two of her friends lose their fight to cancer. Although, she was able to stay strong through the treatment and recovery stages of her own cancer journey, she quickly realized that some others were not that fortunate due to lack of necessary assistance. Her support group inspired and supported her to start this new journey of giving support and inspiration to her fellow Cancer Community.

Halo of Hope is a symbol of hope to cancer patients. It exists to offer support to newly diagnosed cancer patients, with no insurance, as well as the under-insured and homeless by raising funds to give them access to quality cancer treatment. Halo of Hope is also a platform to give cancer fighter the needed support to fight and survive the disease.

Our Mission

We want to see that every cancer fighter receives comprehensive treatment and care. Our mission is to alleviate the life challenges and sufferings caused by the disease by providing cancer patients with the necessary support and funds they need to survive the disease. Halo of Hope is all about making a difference in someone’s life. Why not join us on the journey?