Cancer Support Group

According to research, support groups cushions the impact of cancer diagnosis. Having the support of other passionate individuals is an integral part of surviving cancer and reducing the anxiety that comes with the disease.

In our view to help and encourage patients and survivors of the cancer disease on ways to stay strong and live healthier lives, we provide a special platform for support through healthy dialogues.

Health Education

Taking proactive steps against the illness have been proven to be an effective way to combat any type of cancer. Halo of Hope provides special programs to educate and empower men and women with the necessary knowledge on how to take control of their health and prevent cancer.

Our cancer education programs include special training sessions, educational materials and resources at events, and outreaches across the country about early detection and its benefits.

Treatment Funding

Cancer care cost can be quite overwhelming. And sometimes, seeking financial assistance is a challenge after being diagnosed of cancer. However, not every cancer patient is privileged to get access to the finance to commence treatment, which is where we offer a helping hand.

Halo of Hope provides financial support to patients and family members of cancer. The grants we offer are basically for people with low savings or income, no insurance, or those that are underinsured. The aim of our cancer treatment funding assistance is to allay the financial burden that comes with footing the medical bills while taking care of personal upkeep and other necessary home bills.